Our thanks

If you’ve attended any of our FREE Webinar program, we’d like to thank you for doing so. We’ll let you know about our further FREE Webinar program series as they becomes available.

Our aim is to conduct these webinars when possible. We will regular invite some special guest presenters along the way and welcome ideas you might have about guests you’d like to hear. If you’d like to nominate someone or have questions for us, please have no hesitation to drop us a line at

We’d love to hear from you and will endeavour to respond as quickly as possible.


Our mission

Our mission is to help revitalise communities, organisations and economies starting with each person, so as to enhance productivity through ethics of personal responsibility, respect and understanding of others, and, the ability to influence others to goals commitment. We aim to provide sufficient support to ensure embedment of new knowledge and skills at a practical level for all members of teams in all situations. In doing so, each individual will develop and hone their personal leadership skills as the start point for leading others no matter how small in number or how large the number of people might be in any group.


Our business

Every product/service of (private or public or NFP) business is delivered to people, for people, by people. Having a coach is often needed to embed EXCELLENT PEOPLE principles into daily activities. This is no less true when executive coaching is needed to enhance organisational performance of people.

Technical skills alone (no matter what profession or role or trade) are inadequate without effective “people skills” to help it to happen. Inadequate people skills have hard costs for businesses in any sector and to individuals in their career path. It’s critical to develop effective people skills to enhance careers and produce efficiency that increases profit and enhances careers. This requires unique leadership skills in each person.

Our team is a distributed and outsourced combination of hand-picked highly qualified people (often former members of staff or students) who ensure that you get the best from your team to achieve your well-defined goals. We help you define those goals, if they are unclear. Then we help ensure they are met across a range of industries in which our team has experience.

We are Queensland-based but internationally focused on project services, consultancy, training, public speaking and philanthropic works. Leadership is needed in all facets. Our passionate team provides incredible support to you and your objectives, backed up by all members of our team and our director.

Together our professional careers have ranged through all facets of change in various strategic P3M (Portfolio/Program/Project) initiatives. Industries include education, housing, transport, real estate, construction (built environment and water/waste-water), food (hospitality and distribution), mining, research, as well as, Information and Communication Technology. Programs have covered all tiers of government and NFP community-based child care centres and community service organizations; as well as small business.

Our people have a wealth of experience in engineering, architecture, legal, financial, risk, psychology and other fields which we combine to bring to you the very best of what you need and want. Their experiences range across all tiers of government, as well as, the private and not-for-profit sectors. You will find your personal leadership qualities where you never thought they existed. You will hone your skills with delight!


Our connections

Many of our more than 160,000 connections across social media internationally tell us that we are having a positive influence on their lives. We do not want “followers” who want to be like someone else. We want to help empower each individual to be themselves in a world that wants them to do, buy, look or simply be like others. It’s hard to achieve at times; but, we can help you to do it! Your personal leadership matters!


Our best contact

We’re most often out and about with clients. So unless you’ve already been given our personal contact numbers, it’s usually best to drop us a note at or phone us during business hours (8:30 am to 5:30 pm AEST). We’ll come back to you as fast as we can do so. If you have got our cell/mobile phone numbers, please leave a clear message if we’re unable to take your call when you ring. We do not want to interrupt clients that we’re with at the time.



The question most often asked is whether or not our program of webinars is really FREE. The answer is emphatically YES; and we plan to keep them that way with those who participate!

This is not to say within some webinars that we ourselves or guests will not offer you other opportunities. That will happen! But, we will not be pressuring you if it’s not right for you as you judge it or we need to work out a deal so that you can undertake the opportunity. And there’s a money back guarantee.

Where will your personal leadership take you and what leadership skills with you acquire and/or hone?