There’s more to leadership than believing it comes naturally or that it starts/comes from external sources.

Leadership starts with each of us and needs development by us every day in everything we do and all roles we play in life (of which there are more than we often realise). Leadership is not a position. Leadership starts with our leadership of our own life and depends entirely on our personal development.

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This two-day course has been conducted both as a face-to-face course for staff, for hundreds of people in training and as a webinar program. Parts have been included also in my university lecture courses covering program/project management, procurement, and contract management; as well as, in organisational change courses.

If you’d like to see what some of those people have said about the course and its content their comments are included in the full course overview that you can check and download from the following link https://go.aws/2zETaMd You can also watch the introductory video on that course overview or below.

Why this special offer is being made

“If you had told me 20 years ago that I’d now be a graduate, I would have laughed at you and told you that you were mad. It would never happen! I didn’t believe it could happen!”

These are the recent words from a lady I’ve known for 21 years. Her father had disowned her due to her addictions to drugs and alcohol. They reconciled some years ago and her father treats me as her second father. She’s very much an “adopted daughter” and we treat each other that way.

She has just graduated as a criminologist and wants to work with young people to help them overcome their addictions and poor behaviours learned from their associations with others.

I’m so proud of her and want to share my pleasure with you through this video training course.

Other reasons unfold also

“Dad, I’m grateful for the sacrifices you and mum made to send me to that private school. But I really didn’t learn much at school!” … so said my elder son over lunch after he’d graduated from university and been snapped up by a top-notch consulting firm. It was about 2 months after he’d started working for them.

He’s done very well in London over the 15 years that he’s been there after 5 years with them here. Now he’d coming home in August.

He continued: “I learnt the most Dad from the leadership course run by Australian Air Force Cadets … and, from all the personal development books you gifted to me at every opportunity. Top training both!”

He and his family are coming home in August and I’m delighted about that and want to celebrate.

And my younger son is getting married in August. Another cause for celebration. He got the same books given to him and learned lots from courses run under the auspices of the Australian Naval Cadets.

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Future Certificate Challenge

After you have been through this video course, you can earn a Certificate from the Leadership Simply Institute. For a small fee, we’ll provide you with an assignment to complete. You will have some choices in the available assignments. How well you complete the assignment will determine the level of certificate we issue to you. We will tell you about those opportunities by email late in August or early in September.


Please be aware that 25% of all profits from the sale of this training program will be donated to our adopted charity. Learn more about the work of the charity by visiting their website at https://trf-inc.org (in Liberia, West Africa).

Thank you for helping us support this group of wonderful young people who are dedicated to making a difference in their communities and helping them all become self-sustainable communities.


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