Our Archive – About Leadership, Management & Associated Behaviors

Our Archive – About Leadership, Management & Associated Behaviors

A lot of thoughts about leadership and related topics have been written over many years past. In fact, we started publishing them online in March 2014.Our first blog post at that time is shown below with the graphic that accompanies this post. You’ll find the rest of them at www.theproductivityphilosopher.org

The last couple of years has provided us with some disrupted challenges with family illnesses and death. So, we put down the pen for a while. We are now back, hopefully monthly, at least. We welcome your comments and suggestions about topics/questions you would like to see us discuss. 

In all comments however we would hope to see Perspective + Respect + Service to all fellow humans. We all have many roles to play in relation to those around us according to the individual person’s talents, knowledge and experience. We get better results as humans if we respect other people in our words and actions. 

Altitude Follows (Positive) Attitude

If someone abuses you, how does it make you feel?

And, if you abuse them how might they feel?

Does it matter whether you know them or they know you or not?

Consider the abusive confrontations that occur at times between customers and staff servicing them. Staff gets blamed because customers are inconvenienced by having to wait too long. They get blamed because for some reason the customer changed their mind when they got the goods home. They get blamed for a whole host of reasons.

Those front-line staffs are often demoralized by snide comments when they are doing their job the way they have been trained to do it: “If I wanted f***ing fries with my order, I’d ask for them!” They take out their frustration somehow exorcising their own internal demons by taking it out on someone close to them at whom they can let their fury fly!

Not everything that is said to you is aimed at you. Internal demons are raging (feeling slighted by the world). Have just had a fight with someone else and their inner calm has been destroyed. The person who can let it wash off them with a positive attitude will hold greater advantage than the person who takes everything personally and lets their anger take hold.

While I’m not recommending that you be inattentive when driving: it doesn’t matter if you don’t know them. I knew a fellow years ago who used to admit that his thoughts wandered while he drove.

Angry motorists would shake their fists at him and call out all kinds of abuse when he’d do something unthinkingly stupid to cut them off in traffic.

His approach was: “They must know me!” So he’d wave back and smile broadly.

It’s amazing how it calmed people. As Selina (in The Invisible Power) says: “What happens to us is 3% of the story … 97% is our reaction!”

In the end, you’ll achieve more and rise higher with a positive and collaborative attitude towards all people with whom you interact; thereby increasing your influence.

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